Standard 8

Standard 8- Fulfills professional responsibilities established by the school district.

Criteria a.- Adheres to board policies, district procedures and contractual obligations.

After being observed by my building administrator, she created a summary of my formal observation.

Formal Observation Summary


Criteria b.- Demonstrates professional and ethical conduct as defined by state law and individual district policy.

The state of Iowa requires many trainings to cover conduct in the classroom.  These are copies of the certificates of completion of some of the required trainings.

Bully Training Certificate

Pathogens Certificate

Ethics Certificate


Criteria c.- Contributes to efforts to achieve district and building goals.

This year we piloted a new math program.  Part of the district expectations is to track the assessment results in order to meet the goal of all students meeting all standards.  This spreadsheet is from part way through the third quarter.  It will show progress being made toward the district and building goal.

Math Report Card Spreadsheet

Criteria d.- Demonstrates an understanding of and respect for all learners and staff.

I worked with our AEA representative to come up with a behavior plan for one of my students.  This is a copy of our collaborative report and resulting behavior plan.

Behavior Plan

Criteria e.- Collaborates with students, families, colleagues and communities to enhance student learning.

Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year.  I used Sign Up Genius to make it easy for parents to sign up to meet with me.

Conference Sign Up


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