Standard 6

Standard 6- Demonstrates competence in classroom management.

Criteria a.- Creates a learning community that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement and self-regulation for every students.

During our guided reading time I follow the Daily 5 model with some modifications.  Each student is assigned a group each day to complete two activities.  The students work at their own paces and work together on some activities.

Guided Reading Jobs


Criteria b.- Establishes, communicates, models and maintains standards of responsible student behavior.

This is a chart that was created by my students and myself.  It goes over what should be happening during Read to Self and Read to Someone during guided reading.


Criteria c.- Develops and implements classroom procedures and routines that support high expectations for learning.

My classroom has five rules the students are expected to follow.  The last rule is “Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy”.  A lot of people laugh when they see this rule but to me it is the most important.  I tell my students that I am happiest when we are learning.  If something is going on to keep us from learning then I am not happy and it is not acceptable.


Criteria d.- Uses instructional time effectively to maximize students achievement.

I worked with my mentor to create a plan to improve transitions in my classroom.  Our transitions were taking too long and taking away from instructional time.  I worked on different strategies to minimize transition time in order to use instructional time effectively.

Project 1 Forms

Criteria e.- Creates a safe and purposeful learning environment.

A few of my students need extra support to keep their behavior on a positive track.  I use a behavior sheet for these students to help us have a safe and purposeful learning environment.  The students are part of our school wide Check In/Check Out program.

Behavior Chart


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