Standard 4

Standard 4- Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meet the multiple learning needs of students.

Criteria a.- Aligns classroom instruction with local standards and district curriculum. I meet with the first grade team on a weekly basis.  During our meetings we work together to align our instruction with the curriculum provided by the district.  We also work to supplement instruction if the curriculum does not cover all of the Iowa Core Standards.

Team Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes 2

Criteria b.- Uses research-based instructional strategies that address the full range of cognitive levels. One of my goals this year was to use higher order thinking questions in my guided reading groups.  I worked with my mentor to create and implement a plan to meet this goal.

Project 3 Forms

Criteria c.- Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness in adjusting instruction to meet student needs.

Criteria d.- Engages students in varied experiences that meet diverse needs and promote social, emotional and academic growth.

For both of these criteria (c and d) I worked with our AEA representative to create a behavior and academic plan for a struggling student.  The plan required me to change my teaching habits in order to best help the student make behavioral and academic gains.

Behavior and Academic Plan

Criteria e.- Connects students’ prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests in the instructional process.

Criteria f.  Uses available resources including technologies, in the delivery of instruction.

For criteria e and f, I created a class blog for my students.  I used the blog to talk about different types of writing.  With the blog the students are able to write on a variety of topics and practice using technology.


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