Standard 3

Standard 3- Demonstrates competence in planning and preparing for instruction

Criteria a.- Utilizes student achievement data, local standards, and the district curriculum in planning for instruction.

I keep track of our math assessment data in a spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet helps me to know if students are meeting math standards.  I take the information from the spreadsheet and use it to reteach and retest as needed.

Math Report Card Spreadsheet

Criteria b.- Sets and communicates high expectations for social, behavioral, and academic success of all students.

I send report cards home quarterly.  The report cards show if students are meeting the classroom expectations for behavior and academics.  As we move through the quarter each student has a person goal to be working on.  The goal can be academic, behavioral or both.  The students track their progress with our Super Improvers Wall.  The students receive a sticker as they show improvement on their goal.

Report Card


Criteria c.- Uses students’ developmental needs, background and interests in planning for instruction.

On our class blog student are often able to choose the topic they wish to write on.  Some days I do assign a topic but I want students to have as much freedom as possible.  My goal with the blogs is to allow the students to write on topics that interest them.

Mrs. Heeringa’s Class Blog

Criteria d.- Selects strategies to engage all students in learning.

In our daily math instruction I use differentiated instruction and differentiated homework.  At the end of each lesson the students complete a quick check.  That, combined with the daily work, informs me on how to choose the homework for each student.  Students can receive a reteaching, practice or enrichment worksheet.

Math Reteaching

Math On Level

Math Enrichment

Criteria e.- Uses available resources, including technologies, in the development and sequencing of instruction.

Last year, I taught my students how to blog.  We started with the lesson that is below.  We then moved to using iPads to create our first blogs.  After students were comfortable with writing a publishing their blogs, they used the classroom desktop computers to continue the blog.

Blog Lesson

Mrs. Heeringa’s Class Blog

This year, I added in several apps to for my students to use on iPads to enhance their math skills.  I added apps for basic number sense, geometry, fact fluency and word problems.

image(2) image(5) image(6) image


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